About Earl Ricker

Living near Phoenix, Arizona, Earl Ricker has established a successful career in social-media marketing and music. Using Pro Tools, he undertakes engineering and production of diverse artists within the Phoenix-area Arizona Songwriters Circle, spanning genres from pop to light rock. As an original songwriter, Earl Ricker additionally released two CD albums in 2009, “Country” and the contemporary Christian “God.” He features many tracks from these releases on his music-focused website, http://www.earlricker.com.

Mr. Ricker’s passion for music began as a youth, when he had the opportunity to study under the noted Michigan composer and classical pianist William Edward Weber. Pursuing studies at Northern Michigan University in Marquette, he played in a number of bands, including one that opened for the country star Joe Stampley. His current Phoenix musical endeavors are undertaken with a team of experienced musicians and producers, among them session veterans with strong ties to the Nashville music industry.

Earl Ricker assists the Gdirect Christian business ministry as Director of Human Resources. This Mesa company produces multi-platform church-branded business directories that are online, mobile, and in full-color print. The company promotes each directory through socially driven, B2B marketplace, and church-wide awareness campaigns. Gdirect serves churches that have 3,000 or more weekly attendees in areas that have a high concentration of thriving small businesses.

Since 2011, Mr. Ricker has held additional responsibilities as Marketing Strategist with the Phoenix-area advertising firm SocialLeadsNow.Com. The company leverages the unique power of social networks such as Facebook in boosting the marketing presence of businesses and church organizations. Earl Ricker’s additional areas of expertise include website development, search-engine optimization and webpage design.


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